Sunday, January 26, 2014

Watching The Doctor

The reason I have not been posting, even timed post, is very simple.  I at long last hooked the Blu-Ray up to a modem and began a Netflix account.  That means I began watching Dr. Who from the third season forward.  I have been geeking out as I watched Martha and Donna with one of my favorite Doctors.  I realize that after a bit Martha annoyed me.  I like her, but she was just not a companion that seemed to really understand the gift she had to be able to travel in the TARDIS.    
This has been a great break for me.  Dad is not happy.  He is not a fan of anything really.  Dr. Who is way outside his relatability zone.  Still, I have worked around it.  It has been good seeing what I missed.  My quandary now is whether to watch as Matt Smith takes over, since I have seen his first season.  Part of me wants to do so, but I also want to get on to the rest of the things I have missed.
I also have been watching Lost Girl.  I love that show as well.  My thoughts seem to fall to the NBC show GRIMM and thinking it is very much a type of rip-off of this show.  I know that shows like this are similar and build upon other TV Series that came before, but it nags at me as this is a great sci-fi type show.  Anna Silk is a new crush, and the girl that plays Kennzi has the most gorgeous eyes.  I have watched the first season of Lost Girl.
I have to use the same phone jack filter splitter for the PC and the Blu-Ray.  So when watching Netflix, no DSL to the PC.  So I have been limited to when I am on-line.  So, just letting you know why I am scarce on posts and reading other Blogs.