Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I just wrapped up much of the typing and reviewing of thoughts for the Youth Devotion I will lead tonight.  I have been troubled for two weeks because the kids expressed that they could not pray for their enemies.  This bothered me and also stirred up bad memories.  The last church I served I was constantly facing enemies.  They stalked me and just never let up.  I even created the Comic Book Ghost as a way of having a geek haven.  Still I think one enemy found and began making trouble there.

I can't say that I was always in the right in dealing with enemies there.  It was easy to be dragged down to the level of those around me.  I was really alone as well and had no real support.  These enemies nearly drove me crazy.  It was the clearest i have ever heard God speak when he told me to leave that church.  I did even though I had no clue what the future held.

God put me in a better setting.  I struggle financially, but the rewards that come make the struggle worth it.  What I have thought back on and can be proud of myself is this fact.  I did pray for those enemies.  That was one thing I was able to do.  I don't know how, but I did.  I did even when one called the church after leaving and commanded the church to not pray for the family when a member of that family died.  that is another story.  Needless to say, I disobeyed him.

Sorry if this is not what you came for, but my call to serve God is real and part of me.  I don't beat people over the head, but I am still a follower of The Way.


UPDATE:  Well, some of them got a bit of it I think.  Romans 12:17 - 21 gave them a real clear reason, first let God get Vengeance for you because it is his.  Second Paul expresses that being kind to them would be like pouring hot coals on their heads.  As I think about it, mean people really do hate for others to show them kindness and love.  I hope as the kids mature they can get the full measure of not repaying evil with evil.