Monday, September 3, 2012

Comicbook Rescue Project

      A Blog or so back I used to have a series called THE COMICBOOK RESCUE PROJECT.  The forces that meant me harm both personally and professionally caused the Blog to be buried.  It was sad as the series was one of the fun things I wrote about.  Basically, this was where I told of those books I rescued from Flea Markets and Yard Sales.  Some of these books are not in well kept conditions.  Many are carted from place to place and subjected to all types of weather and are close to being caused to deteriorate because of lack of care.  It is a sacred duty (I say with tongue firmly in cheek) to pull these lost gems from the jaws of demise.  I make no claim that these are books those that attempt to make money from buying and selling would want or buy.  Sometimes they are in a banged up shape.  Still, they deserve to be rescued.  What follows are the books I purchased during the Labor Day Saturday trip to the Hillsville, Va. Flea Market.

Marvel Tales Starring Spider-Man and Red Sonja #208

Spider-Man Unlimited #2 (Maximum Carnage Conclusion)

the Brave and the Bold Starring Batman and Zatanna Vol. 26 #169

Green Lantern

Green Lantern Our Worlds At War #1

Young Justice

Spider-Woman #3 (1978)

Iron Man

The Mighty Thor #353 (The Finale of the Surtur Saga)

Marvel-Two-In-One The Thing and Moon Knight #52

The Official Batman & Superman Adventures World's Finest (paid $1)

Daredevil:  Guardian Devil  TradePaperBack  (paid $5)