Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Comicbook Rescue Project: Ultraforce Spider-Man #1B

     I forgot to list this one when I wrote my big Comicbook Rescue Project (CRP) post.  It was in the Living Room where I had laid it down after reading the book.  I have been picking up back issues of Malibu Comics of late as those who read this blog know through the Mantra Mondays posts.  So I saw this one and bought it while at the Flea Market.

     Before I discuss this title I need to make sure you understand that Spider-Man is the Clone Ben Riley and the Green Goblin is whoever that was back then that had taken the mantle and used it as a Good Guy.  So this is not the time period I was loving Spidey in this book.  I also need to get this out of the way.  Spidey's webbing ignores the laws of physics in here as well when it flies down a wall and then makes a 90 degree turn.  What is that about?

     The plot is that a group of some creepy aliens are trying to instigate a war between the two worlds.  A future Prime comes back and convinces Ghoul that he will be dissected and tortured as many itty bitty pieces.  Oh, and Ultraforce has a traitor.  The individual that will kill every Ultra is this new Green Goblin.  Makes no sense I know, but it is what they used as a plot device.  Soon Ultraforce is heading to Marvel Earth to kill the Green Goblin.  Fights occur, misunderstandings explained, team ups, and the distrust is still brewing.  Mucho action to be read in the book.  Especially once you suspend disbelief and just read it as an adventure.

     Not really an ending.  This book had to be part of others that like it probably ended with a  "The End?" tag.  This was all part of Marvel throwing a bone to Malibu fans before just jettisoning the entire line.  I forgot to mention.  The Avengers Black Knight is a member of Ultraforce.  Kooky stuff when Marvel tried to fold these characters into their Universe.  Nice read, but it was not really worth the $3.95 it cost back in the day.