Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Update on Life

OK, I apologize to those that do actually follow my Blog and my lack of posting.  Things happened; I was sick with a Spring cold, took on a substituting job for the local Out Of School Time, and I was just feeling tired.  Flashback Fridays held tight for a bit, but it was affected as well.  I am sorry and hope to change the sorry state of posting soon.

Mantra Mondays became a frustration.  I know I have purchased a copy of Godwheel #0, but for the life of me I cannot find it.  After the long hiatus and the natural break in the series, Marvel had purchased the franchise, I may shift things until I can arrange for the completion of the series.  We might have either Marvel Two-In-One Mondays, or Mutant X Mondays if I keep with the series theme.  Mutant Mondays occurred to me as well.  I also thought maybe doing the alphabet with titles could be fun.  Something will replace Mantra Mondays for a while, just not sure what.

I am also trying to sell plants to help fund the trip to HeroesCon.  I have just over $100 so far.  The amount last year was $300 and it went for spending money.  Not sure if I can attain that this year or not.  Wish I could figure something out as a way to help increase my sales, but I lost the best place because the neighboring town thinks they are a rich metropolitan area and places a $100 permit fee.  As I understand it even Yard Sale at ones own home is against the law.  Sucks, but one day it will come back and get them for this greedy way of stopping people from making extra cash.

So that is my sad story.  I hope all of you are well.