Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm Busy So Here are some Pictures

I am in the midst of Vacation Bible School and preparing for Summer Camp.  That is why I stalled out on the posting.  I am also just feeling drained, it is hot here in the South.  So I will provide some pictures.  Not sure about Blogger's new Picture Loader, so maybe I will get some labels on the pictures.

I posed with the Marvel Brigade here.  Do you think I can blast Ant-Man off that Arrow?

Richard and I saw Zatanna and Black Cat as we were coming back from the Parking Garage.  I realized later that Black Cat was the cute shortest Zatanna at the Art Auction.  I had a ball dressed up this year.

I love Hawkeye and Mockingbird.  To see them and get pics with them was awesome.  She had a very cool outfit and he was spot on with the details of his costume.  They were part of a group of friends there to help support a friend that is doing the new series for Marvel.

If I were rich I would have stayed up until the Wee Hours and bought this awesome Sean Chen Batgirl piece at the Art Auction.