Friday, November 7, 2014

So A Lot Has Been Going On.....

Well, many things have been happening.  The biggest is that my substitute job has now turned into a second job.  It is before and after school care and that leaves me with a crazy schedule.  I hope that it helps with some of the money stress.  It has been an adjustment.  I also have been sick and dealing with the diabetes while this has happened.  All while still doing the primary job in the local church setting.

I have been able to catch up a bit on my reading of comicbooks and one thought crossed my mind.  What was the point of the FUTURE'S END stories from DC?  Aside from a few nice bits they really are not playing into the current plots for me.  I mean I figured that my books would jump forward and we would have a mini restart and that might be cool.  Add a few bits of tension and intrigue, but to have everything plodding along as is after reading what will be is just a marketing scheme, right?  My shop owner did have the non-steroid covers available for a switch or I would have not been buying the titles I collect.

TV has been cool with the Super Heroes of late.  I can't comment on Gotham as I cannot received the local FOX station over the airwaves and I have sworn off Hulu because their alliance with Facebook seems to screw with my access on my outdated computer.  But Flash is AWESOME!!!!!!!!  I love what they have done with the character and the way that they have the very accessible "Easter eggs" on display.  They really have done it right and it is the equal to Arrow in every way.  Constantine I like, but I figure it is a good thing that NBC is low in the ratings right now or it would be cut already.  They are doing it justice.  The thing I am wondering is if the Grimm folks are staying tuned and watching?

Trunk or Treat went well.  I was told I was the "coolest person ever" for giving out comics.  Had a mom at a local library praise me for making her little boy's Halloween.  Plus, it was cool seeing kids be dumbfounded when a comic was dropped in their trick or treat containers.

Well. gotta head to bed.  I hope to get back on track soon, but no promises.